About Us

Chapai Post is an online magazine and blogging site/platform. Our aim is to cover all the important issues of Chapainawabganj on this platform.

Our main goal is to write and publish information on various topics including Chapainawabganj's history, heritage, culture, travel destinations, important installations, special meals, sports, entrepreneurs' news, authors' original writings /opinions, and recent updates on various admirable works.
Our Slogan is ' বিকশিত চাঁপাইনবাবগঞ্জের চিত্র' 

We are a district-based portal. However, We also cover different segments like politics, economics, sports, entertainment, education, information and technology, features, lifestyle, and columns related to Chapainawabganj people. 

This online is different and unique than other online portals because it practices with audio, video, infographic, and web story.

Abul Hasnat Porosh, Editor and Publisher of Chapai Post is a student and entrepreneur who started this portal to represent Chapainawabganj.

A group of young, enthusiastic people, Chapai Post prioritizes the storytelling pattern of the content to guide its readers to understand the most complicated issues easily.


Chapai Post aims to provide the most updated news and content to its readers within the shortest possible time. Also, we are planning to discover more features.

Following the basic fundamental principles of the Bangladesh constitution, Chapai Post aims to strengthen public opinion in favor of the liberation war.

Chapai Post is committed to the fundamental values of the country, especially, national sovereignty, democracy, and secularism. In addition, Chapai Post will speak for the human and civil rights of the citizen of the country.

Ethics Policy

Chapai Post is committed to the highest ethical standards. Among our core values 'fairness, accuracy and objectivity' are remarkable. We Chapai Post believe that the public is our most important asset for the trustworthiness. We  (Chapai Post) are clear to our readers as well.

Chapai Post takes a non-partisan position in political issues as no political parties can influence us. Besides, Besides, we remain neutral in conflicts between right and wrong.

Fact-Checking Policy

One of the most important elements of journalism is Fact-checking. However, we prefer to introduce ourselves as Magazine Portal Writer. Chapai Post cross-checks the information several times before publishing it to its website.

Corrections Policy

Chapai Post always tries to provide accurate information to its audience. However, mistakes can be occurred in journalism despite following proper procedures. In these circumstances, Chapai Post does not hesitate to acknowledge the error.

After checking the facts correctly, the target of Chapai Post is to tell its readers, as quickly as possible, what was wrong and what is correct. We (Chapai post) tried our best to make the thing very transparent to all of our readers and viewers as anyone would be able to feel how and why that error has been corrected.

In times of major correction, Chapai Post provides a ‘rejoinder’ at its website, and we clearly indicate the change.

Chapai Post is owned by the editor and publisher, Abul Hasnat Porosh. 

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